Wonder Soil

Wonder Soils

Wonder Soil is a fairly well-known soil in the gardening community, especially in the US market. They look to create soil mixes and other products that are environmentally friendly alongside being affordable for the average gardener or hobbyist grower. Highly rated scoring 5 stars across the board Wonder Soil is obviously doing something right to keep customers happy and coming back again and again. If you’re after a budget-friendly soil for your next project then Wonder Soil is definitely worth a shot!

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Wonder Potting Soil Mix


Wonder Soil is an all-natural potting soil that is eco-friendly. It is made from the finest coco coir, worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp and other amendments.

Wonder Soil has outstanding water retention and aeration in the root zone of your plants. It will help your plants thrive with its perfect pH balance for optimal plant growth.

This potting mix can be used for seed starting, microgreens, flowers, herbs garden, vegetables or fruits. Watch as Wonder Soil expands up to 5 times its original size after watering!

Wonder Soils ingredients are combined in the right ratio to ensure you get a healthy environment for your plants that will allow them to grow strong roots while retaining moisture.

Wonder Soil is one of the few all-natural, peat-free, biodegradable potting soils on the market today. Wonder Soil contains no chemicals, is non-toxic and is pet safe. You’ll experience faster-growing plants with healthy strong roots.


  • Coco Coir
  • Worm Castings
  • Perlite
  • Mycorrhizae
  • Kelp
  • Expands 5X


Wonder Soil is an innovative, sustainable growing medium that conserves resources and reduces the environmental footprint. In fact, using one bag of Wonder Soil instead of two bags of conventional potting mix can save up to 50% water, space, and labour.

It also promotes extremely fast germination, stronger root systems and superior growth which equals overall healthier plants for your garden. The patented blends are made from completely biodegradable ingredients and nutrients – all without affecting surrounding ecosystems or habitats. With less water use, eco-sensitive designs – why wouldn’t you choose Wonder Soil?

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