Vitalink Soil

Vitalink Soils

If you’ve been searching for a soil product that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Vitalink Soil may be the answer to your prayers! This high-quality soil mix contains some excellent ingredients and reduced peat for the more eco-minded gardener.

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Vitalink Soil


Vitalink Soil – the healthier, eco-minded alternative to peat-moss. Vitalink Soil is a premium soil amendment containing beneficial microbes.

Vitalink improves soil structure and drainage while providing plants with essential nutrients for up to four weeks. It’s the perfect choice for all your gardening needs!

Vitalink Soil is a premium quality soil mix containing wood fibre with bark fines. It is suitable for all types of vegetables, flowers and trees.

Vitalink Soil provides vigorous growth with good water retention capacity. The product maintains the natural structure of the substrate to avoid compaction when dry or wet.


  • Reduced Peat
  • Bark Fines
  • Wood Fibre
  • Beneficial Microbes
  • Less Compaction
  • Maintains Structure


Vitalink Soils provide high quality soil mixes for the modern gardener. Vitalink Soil uses only the best ingredients and follows a strict registration process to ensure their products are of the highest quality. When you buy Vitalink Soils, you can be assured that your purchase will provide optimum benefits to your plants and flowers without any nasty side effects or unforeseen consequences.

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