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Biochar By Soil Fixer

This Biochar by Soil Fixer is one of the few Biocahr products available in the UK and online. Highly rated and competitively priced, alongside coming in three different quantities, 10kg, 20kg, 450kg respectively Soil Fixers Biochar will help promote aeration, soil structure and overall health of your plant and its root system as well as being environmentally freindly.

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Soil Fixer Biochar


Soil Fixer Biochar is a new soil amendment, made from post-industrial waste wood. This product has the ability to increase the water retention capacity of soils and it also improves their cation exchange capacity. It can be used for composting as well as in agriculture and horticulture.

Soil Fixer Biochar is a soil amendment that improves soil quality, water retention and nutrient supply to plants. It may also improve the formation of colloidal humus which enhances soil tilth.

Biochar is made from renewable biomass through pyrolysis (the high temperature decomposition of organic material in an oxygen-free environment). The resulting charcoal has many properties that make it useful as a soil conditioner.


  • Improves Soil Tilth
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Supports Nutrient Supply To Root System
  • Reduces Soil Emissions
  • Improves Aeration
  • Multiple Sizes Available


As a soil builder, Biochar is normally one of the last that growers think of. More commonly used would be your perlites that are not great for the environment, vermiculite, and pumice the latter being the best option. 

Amongst these soil builders, biochar is often thought of as overly expensive and not worth the investment. For any experienced growers, they know this is not the case and biochar is an invaluable soil builder that can help to produce some amazing results when used correctly. In Soil Fixers Biochar you have a reasonably priced char that is highly rated and can be bought in bulk.

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