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Scotts Soils

Most gardeners will have heard of Scotts soil or seen the Scotts bags of soil when visiting stores like Lowes. Scotts is a fairly well known budget brand that mainly focuses on topsoil, lawn feeders, and soil improvers, along with seed and fertilizers. 

Rated fairly by most gardeners around the 3-4 star mark most complaints stem from overpricing and the quality of ingredients used within the soil. They can be thought of as competitors to your everyday brands such as Miracle-Gro rather than your more premium soils such as Ocean Maine or Fox Farm. Even still, Scotts do have a place in the soil market and perform above average for many satisfied customers.

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Scotts Premium Topsoil


Scotts Premium Topsoil is the perfect choice for your garden. It contains a premium blend of organic matter plus peat moss, which helps to retain moisture and nutrients. 

Scotts Topsoil can be used for planting, seeding, filling, or leveling garden beds. It’s also ideal for creating raised garden beds.

Scotts soil is a blend of processed forest products, rice hulls, native soil, and food waste. The unique blend of ingredients provides the perfect growing environment for your plants. This product is available in convenient sizes for easy handling at home or on the job site.


  • Sphagnum Peat Moss
  • Forest Products
  • Rice Hulls
  • Food Waste
  • Native Soil
  • Competitively Priced


If you’re after a budget friendly topsoil or soil builder then Scotts Premium Topsoil may be the ideal choice. This competitively priced soil provides your garden lawn with all the nutrients it could desire, and in most cases will have your garden looking full, green, and in tip-top shape. For many home gardeners, that’s all they’re after, a basic soil that does its job well, and in Scotts Topsoil they have exactly that!

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