Plant Magic Plus Soil

Plant Magic Plus Soils

Plant Magic Plus Soil can help you grow the best plants possible. They’re all about natural growth and fertility, using key elements from nature like beneficial fungi, bacteria and natural stimulants to activate fast healthy plant growth. Whether you’re a professional gardener or home grower looking for soil for your garden beds or potted plants, Plant Magic products are environmentally friendly, sustainable and will help your plants thrive.

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Plant Magic Plus Soil


Plant Magic Plus Soil is designed to give your plants an ideal growing environment, giving them everything they need to thrive and develop healthy roots. 

The unique formula of Plant Magic Plus Soil provides excellent root growing environment, quicker root development, rapid uptake of vital nutrients and elements and biodegradable Fytocell Foam for excellent aeration. 

Fytocell Foam creates an excellent growing environment for roots to grow in, allowing them to develop quickly and absorb vital nutrients and elements. 

The foam helps retain moisture while providing the roots with optimal air circulation. The result is faster growth, higher yields and greater efficiency of your plants.


  • Sphagnum Peat
  • Fytocell Foam
  • Good Price
  • Improved Aeriation
  • Healthy Root Development
  • Highly Rated


Plant Magic Plus Soils may not be the most well-known of soil brands out there, and are probably more recognized by UK growers, but they are highly rated, use quality ingredients and produce some great results for the price. If you’re after a budget-friendly soil for your potted plants then Magic Plus Soil may just be the one for you.

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