Nature’s Living Soil

Natures Living Soils

Natures Living Soil is a company that has been created for small-scale home growers. They offer an organic, low maintenance and highly amended growing medium for those who want to grow their own produce but don’t have the time or expertise to do so. You just need water from seed to harvest!

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Natures Living Soil - Super Soil Organic Concentrate


The magic of this soil is hard to describe, but it’s easy to see. The nutrients and beneficial microorganisms that are naturally present in this organic soil concentrate will help your plants thrive.

You can feel confident knowing your plants will get the best start possible with Natures Living Soil. And you’ll be rewarded with bigger, better yields and higher-quality flowers or fruits!

This all-organic formula provides everything your young plant needs from seed to harvest—and beyond. It’s great for indoor gardens.

Super Soil Organic Concentrate has been developed to mimic the natural environment that roots need to develop a healthy root structure.

The nutrients in this product are derived from 100% organically grown sources, which means there are no synthetic or chemical fertilizers used in its production. This makes it perfect for use with hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics and drip irrigation systems.


  • Earthworm Castings
  • High Quality Bat Guano
  • Alfalfa Meal
  • Kelp Meal
  • Dolomite Lime
  • Microorganisms

Natures Living Soil - Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate


Super soil is an all-in-one soil amendment for your indoor and outdoor plants. This product has the nutrients that will feed your plants over time.

The Living Soil technology in Super Soil is designed to provide nutrients to the roots over time. It’s a living, breathing, growing thing!

The super soil concentrate can be mixed with potting soil or used as a top dressing on potted plants, vegetable gardens and flower beds. It provides essential microorganisms in every application.

Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate is a premium quality concentrate that amends potting soil with the nutrients and microorganisms necessary for healthy plant growth.

It is designed specifically for use with autoflowers and vegetable gardens. Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate contains Living Soil technology, which provides nutrients to plants over time as they grow.

This means you only need to amend your pots once – no more daily, weekly or monthly fertilizing! The formula also includes coconut water powder and aloe vera to promote plant health.


  • Glomus Aggregatum
  • Glomus Etunicatum
  • Glomus Intraradices
  • Glomus Mosseae
  • Pisolithus Tinctorius
  • Epsom Salt


Nature’s Living Soil mission is to provide better quality produce for consumers by getting away from using synthetic nutrients. They advocate for more natural and sustainable ways of growing. They are committed to providing their customers with healthier products through simple yet effective practices. With that in mind, you’ll find it hard to find other brands that offer this kind of quality. If you need quality organic soil then try Natures Living Soils.

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