Grow Organiks Coco Coir Pith

Coco Coir By Grow Organiks

This sustainably sourced coco coir has low EC and salt levels, making it perfect for use in organic gardening applications. It’s also washed up to ten times in fresh water, so you can be sure of its quality and purity. Grow Organiks Coco Coir Pith is OMRI listed and the perfect growing media for your garden!

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Grow Organiks Coco Coir Pith


Looking to garden organically? Look no further than Grow Organiks Coco Coir Pith – a versatile, organic growing medium made from 100% natural and sustainable coir fibre. 

This odorless, pathogen-free coco coir brick is eco-friendly and easy to use – simply add water and watch it expand five to seven times in size! 

Once used to grow plants in one pot, the Coco Coir Pith can be cleaned and strained for repeated use. Compressed and shipped as dehydrated bricks, the Coco Coir Pith is a great choice for environmentally conscious gardeners.


  • OMRI Listed
  • 100% Organic Materials
  • Can Be Used in Hydroponics
  • Sourced In India
  • Low EC & Salt Levels
  • Neutral pH Range


Grow Organiks Coco Coir Pith is a great replacement for peat moss and works well in most garden projects including hydroponic setups. It’s made from renewable materials and it’s priced very competitively. This product has received high ratings from customers who have used it for everything from growing herbs to greenhouse plants to succulent plants to flowers and vegetables.

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