Dr. Verm’s Premium Worm Castings

Dr. Verms Castings

Dr. Verm’s Premium Worm Castings is an organic soil builder and conditioner and is perfect for improving germination rates, helping roots grow strong and healthy, and defending against plant diseases and pests.

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Dr. Verm's Worm Castings


Dr. Verm’s Premium Worm Castings are packed with over 60 micro-nutrients and trace minerals, plus beneficial bacteria and fungi that help plants flourish. They’re perfect for use indoors or outdoors, on any plant variety, and in any type of soil.

Dr. Verm’s Premium Worm Castings improve the health of your plants and helps deliver better yields. This organic, chemical- and additive-free product is highly rated for its ability to fight plant diseases and pests, as well as encourage beneficial microorganisms and bacteria. 

It can be used for transplanting, seeding, adding to potting mix, and making compost tea – or you can even use it as a foliar spray! And at such a good price point, there’s no reason not to give it a try!


  • 100% Organic
  • Beneficial Microbes & Bacteria
  • Odorless
  • Non – Toxic
  • For All Plant Types
  • Improves Root Systems & Overall Plant Health


Dr. Verm’s Premium Worm Castings are packed with beneficial microorganisms and bacteria that will encourage a thriving garden ecosystem. Best of all, Verm’s worm castings are pH neutral and odor free alongside coming in various sizes.

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