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Coco & Coir is an innovative company that is committed to sustainability and the environment. They produce a range of environmentally friendly composts and garden accessories that are made from the by-products of coconut production.

All of their products are 100% peat-free, using a combination of perlite, coco coir, and other natural ingredients to ensure stronger, healthier plants and improved yields. The Coco Grow+ Coir Block is one of their most popular products – an easy-to-use compressed coco coir block that can be used for sowing seeds and potting-on young seedlings, planting up and out, in addition to rooting cuttings.

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Coco & Coir


The Coco & Coir Block offers a number of benefits over traditional potting mixes. As it is composed mainly of natural ingredients including perlite and coco coir, it helps increase porosity in the potting mix which promotes greater aeration and drainage.

This in turn encourages healthier roots which leads to more robust plants with higher yields – all without any chemical fertilizers or artificial additives.

Furthermore, this product comes with enhanced water retention properties which help save time and money when watering plants in your garden or hydroponic grow system.

Preparing the Coco & Coir Block for use is incredibly simple; all you need to do is put the compressed block into a container with 4-5L of warm (or cold) water then let it sit until fully absorbed before fluffing up the compost until it contains plenty of air gaps. After that’s done you’re good to go – whether you’re seeding, planting up or transferring young seedlings – get ready to reap some serious rewards!


  • 100% Natural
  • Enhanced Aeriation Drainage
  • Added Perlite
  • Fast Germination
  • Improved Root Zone
  • Sustainable & Environmentally Friendly


Coco & Coir’s Coco Grow+ Coir Block is a fantastic sustainable alternative to traditional potting mixes as well as being an affordable option too. By using this product you will enjoy increased aeration & drainage for healthier plants with better yields; enhanced water retention properties so you can save time when watering your plants; plus its lightweight yet durable design for multiple uses over its lifetime mean this product will save you money in both the short term and long run too! So why not make your gardening journey easier (and greener!) today!

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