BRUT Worm Farms Worm Castings

BRUT Worm Farms Castings

BRUT Worm Farms castings make an excellent organic soil enricher. These dark, rich, pure castings add organic matter, boosting the long-term nourishment of your plants. They also improve water retention, drainage, aeration and root system health.

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BRUT Worm Farms Worms Castings


Looking to add some organic goodness to your soil? 

BRUT worm farms worm castings are perfect for adding richness, fertility, and beneficial microbes to any potting mix. These castings are also OMRI listed, making them perfect for use in organic gardening. 

Whether you’re looking to start an indoor herb garden or raise a fruit-filled backyard oasis, BRUT worm farms worm castings will help your plants thrive.


  • Increases Beneficial Microbes & Bacteria
  • OMRI Listed
  • Made In The USA
  • Produced Using Worms Fed On Organic Grain
  • Improves Root Systems
  • Soil Builder & Enricher


BRUT Worm Farms Worm Castings is the perfect organic soil amendment for your garden. These worm castings are made with organic grain fed worms on site in Minnesota USA. Non-toxic and odor free, BRUT Worm Farms Worm Castings are highly rated and competitively priced.

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