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Baltic Worm Castings

Baltic Worm may not be the most well known of brands when it comes to growing media but they do produce a highly rated and competitively priced product in Baltic Worm Worm Castings. Ideal for improving the overall soil health and structure Baltic Worm Castings are available in the UK and come in multiple sizes.

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Baltic Worm Worm Castings


A natural fertilizer, Baltic Worm Castings are a  versatile and effective means of fertilization. It is a product that will add nutrients to your soil while adding beneficial microbes that will help to improve the quality of your garden or other type of growing space.

For example, it can be used for germination, fertilizing and increasing productivity in vegetables, flowers and trees. It also has the ability to restore degraded soil by restoring micro flora and increasing plants resistance against diseases. These castings have enzymes for plant growth, rooting and aeration which makes them perfect for indoor use.

Baltic Worm castings are a premium organic fertilizer. They contain a high concentration of beneficial nutrients and microorganisms that promote plant growth and health. 

Baltic Worm castings improve the soil structure, water retention capacity, aeration and drainage. This combination of factors makes Baltic worm castings an ideal medium for healthy root development.

Baltic Castings also have a slightly acidic pH level which is beneficial to plants as it helps them resist disease and insects while enhancing their ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.


  • Improves Germination
  • Improves Aeration
  • All-Natural
  • Pet Friendly
  • Ideal For Indoor Plants
  • Restores Soil Health


If you’re looking for a well priced alternative brand of worm castings then give Baltic Worm Worm Castings a try. 100% natural, Baltic Castings go through a rigorous process from cow manure to composting, to being sieved so as to produce only the best worm castings possible.

Baltic Worms also offer a fantastic 60-day guarantee, so if you’re not entirely happy you can return the bag no questions asked! All in all, Baltic Worm Castings offers the gardener another option in the worm castings category.

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