All-Purpose Potting Soil
Formulated for the gardener that requires an all purpose potting soil or mix that can be used straight out of the bag, ideal for growing most plants and good for both indoor and outdoor use. Soil mix or "potting mix" as it's sometimes described as the two are interchangeable can also fall under all purpose soils.
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Organic Potting Soil
Organic soil is a type of natural, organic soil that contains no chemicals or pesticides. Organic soil is usually made with natural matter like compost, manure and other such substances obtained from animals or plants.
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Topsoil is the uppermost, outermost layer of soil. It can be used for a variety of purposes including filling up raised beds to repairing eroded spots or holes in your garden's landscape design. Topsoils are also great when planting new lawns as they help protect grass seeds while it grows.
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Water Only Soil
Water only soils are exactly that and require no amending or adjusting. They're very similar to all-purpose potting soils in the fact they can be used straight out of the bag but contain more beneficial ingredients. Ideal for all stages of growth from seed to harvest and require watering only.
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